Tuesday, January 25, 2011

∆DIY∆ Driftwood Lamps

Things you need for this DIY:
*a hunk of driftwood
*candelabra base socket cord set with switch
*a 7-10 watt candelabra light bulb
*3/4 inch drill bit
*wire cutters/stripper
*phillips head screw driver
*electrical tape

Total time:
1 hour

Total cost:
(excluding the tools

*UPDATE* I found some great little low watt bulbs at a lighting store in Soho. They have all different colors. I love living in New York, they got everything.

It's almost ridiculous how easy this is...

I've been eye-ing this lamp by Anzfer Farms on Magpie & Rye (drool collecting on my chin) BUT I made myself a promise that I won't buy things I can make. It gets to be quite a drag but this is one exception. 

I had been dreading going to Home Depot and awkwardly begging a member of their staff to help me build a lamp. Turns out, it was so easy I figured it out all by myself! 

 The candelabra base came with this snap-on part that I just broke off.

 Then I opened up the little switch.

Half of the cord was already cut and the other half was connected. I cut the connected part.

Then I had two pieces. 

I took my hunk of wood and put it on top of a scrap board so I could drill without damaging my table.

I drilled a hole almost all the way through.

The hole had to be big enough for the cord to go through and small enough so that the light bulb base wouldn't fall out.

 I fitted the base into the hole.

 Upside-down view.

Then, I stripped the two sides of the cord I cut and wrapped the copper wire together.

I taped it with electrical tape.

I clipped the two wires that had already been cut inside the switch.

 I stuck the cord back into the switch.

I screwed the two switch pieces back together. At this point I put in the light bulb to test it (not shown).

Then I got out the epoxy. Make sure to read the instructions on the packaging. 


I put the glue-y light bulb base into the hole. The kind of epoxy I have won't be fully set for 24 hours but can be handled after 20 mins.


driftwood lamp diy

I decided two was better than one and made another. This hunk was flat and wide so I drilled with the large bit to make a hole only deep enough to fit the base in and used a smaller bit to drill a hole for the cord.

I also drilled a hole through the side for the cord to come out.

Then I screwed on (not very well) a little piece of wood to be the base of the lamp.


driftwood lamp diy



  1. Those are amazing! Though maybe I just missed something, why did you cut the cord then reattach it?

  2. oh awesome tutorial! where did your photos go? i really REALLY want to make this!


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