Thursday, January 20, 2011

∆DIY∆ Ikat Chair Facelift

Things you need for this DIY:
*a chair that's seen better days
*some pretty fabric
*a hook needle
*some thick or embroidery thread

Total time:
3 hours

I'm not doing a total cost for this one because obviously everyone's project will be very different so it's not a typical DIY. Here goes anyway. 

diy ikat chair
We bought this chair for $10 from someone in our neighborhood and Rubin carried it like six blocks (He has really big muscles). I really love it's shape. Unfortunately, someone decided to reupholster it in purple faux fur and weird leather weaving. It has needed a face lift for a long time.

In my last DIY, I made some faux Ikat fabric especially for this chair. I have a large piece for the cushion and a small piece for the back.

After taking off the awful purple faux fur I was left with this hideous cat scratched cushion. Lovely!

I have never reupholstered anything so I just kinda blindly went at it. I took the large piece of fabric and fitted it on the cushion where I wanted it.

Using my hook needle and pliers I made some loose stitches on the top so the fabric would stay in place when I flipped the cushion.


I used my hook needle, pliers and embroidery thread to stitch the fabric to the cushion. I made the stitches the way a doctors makes sutures, using the pliers to hold the needle and push it through the fabric. This would have been a lot easier if I had a staple gun.

 Close up.

I made sure to pull all the sides really tight like I was stretching a canvas.

All done.

Why would anyone do this? It took me a long time to pull these staples out.

Almost there...

 My very naked chair.

Then, I took the smaller piece and hemmed it on both sides.

I fitted it on and sewed it tightly around the back. It looks pretty wonky but that's cool, it's the back!

And that was it! I think it's a vast improvement.

diy ikat chair
diy ikat chair


  1. LOVE the fabric! Great tutorial...

  2. Woooh! another awesome DIY! Thanks for all the inspiration!



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