Thursday, January 13, 2011

∆DIY∆ Old Boot Re-vamp

Things you need for this DIY:
*old boots you never wear
*a coping saw (or a different saw, box cutter, X-acto knife, crazy sharp scissors)

Total time:
40 mins

Total cost:

cut off boot diy
I bought these boots at a vintage store about a hundred years ago. I have never worn them, and in fact, I hate them. I love the color but I think they are really ugly. I never threw them away though because I feel like every girl should have a pair of cowboy boots. Awhile ago I was DIY inspired by this post from one of my favorite blogs A Pair and a Spare (an amazing DIY resource) for cut-off spring boots and I finally got around to using it (and my ugly boots)!

This is pretty self-explanatory. I used a coping saw and just eye-balled it. It's hard to get a perfect cut from a coping saw anyway. If you don't have a saw, I imagine you could secure the boot to a table over a piece of cardboard or a self-healing mat or something and use a metal straight edge to make multiple cuts with a utility or X-acto knife. You might even get a nicer cut. If you do this though, please be VERY careful. Don't cut off any fingers, this DIY is not worth it. :)

I used hot glue to stick all the layers together. Pretty much any glue will do.

Here's the glued version with the unglued version.

And that's it. I will totally wear them now!

I think you could get really creative with this one. You could add cool stitching around the top or make a rim with the left over leather. I will be doing none of these things because they sound like lots of work but would love to see pictures if anyone does something great with this DIY.

cut off boot diy


  1. really cute! I definitely have old boots that could use this treatment. Go Rennieee!

  2. AWESOME! Saw you at CraftGawker. This is SUCH a good idea - I wanna try it out for sure.

    ~ ~


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