Tuesday, February 1, 2011

∆DIY∆ Woven Bracelet

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Things you need for this DIY:
*a curb chain bracelet or some curb chain, jump rings and a clasp
*embroidery thread
*a bobby pin or a two inch piece of wire bent in half
*pliers (if you don't buy the pre-made bracelet)

Total time:
1 hour

Total cost:

diy chain warp woven bracelet
Awhile ago I bought some aluminum curb chain and have been looking for something great to do with it. Que Honestly...WTF, one of my very favorite style blogs. They have amazing DIYs with amazing photos that help you make things you REALLY want. They also do all of their DIYing outside which, in these freezing snow blanketed times, makes me insanely jealous.

They posted this great DIY and now I am sharing it with you. 

My chain was smaller than their bracelet so I decided to use two pieces and weave them together. It was pretty simple. I took 16 strands of embroidery thread, each four times longer than the chain (it only needed to be about 3 times longer but It's better to be safe than sorry). I tied them in a knot and separated them into two sections. Using the bobby pin I wove the chain together like a braid.

Make sure you keep the direction consistent. Always under, or always over.

I tied off the extra thread and cut it. 

I added a few jump rings and a nifty magnetic closure. That's it!

diy chain warp woven bracelet
diy chain warp woven bracelet
diy chain warp woven bracelet
Don't have time to ∆DIY∆? Buy it here.

Check out my new friendship bracelet DIY here.



  1. This is really pretty and I'm going to make it as soon as I recover from the lazies. Or you could just make me one and I'll sing your praises for all eternity. It's a toss up.

  2. do you have any tips for how to keep the chain at the top of the braid? whenever i try to do it, it slips down and gets all messy. i think my chain might be too small, but i'm not sure! this is great though! thank for posting!

  3. Very cool! It looks kind of like lace a shoe!

  4. Okay ladies any suggestions on where I can get the chain at a very inexpensive cost?

  5. I can't see any of the pictures =(


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