Saturday, February 12, 2011

∆DIY∆ Chanel Chain Sunglasses

Things you need for this DIY:
*epoxy or other strong glue
*masking tape
*tiny screw driver (I used a nail file)
*some iron-on studs if you have em

Total time:
1.5 hours

Total cost:

chanel chain sunglasses diy
I stumbled across this image and knew I had to make them IMMEDIATELY. Not only are they amazing but I love to ∆DIY∆ with glue, it's so nice and lazy.

I got these crappy sunglasses in some cheap schwag bag a million years ago and never threw them out because I break or lose sunglasses all the time so I keep every pair I get my grubby hands on. I hated the orange so I decided to just use chain to hold them up.

I used my nail file to take off the ugly plastic ear hook thingies. 

I took about 45" of the brass chain and made it into a big loop. I mixed my epoxy and put it on the flat part of the chain about an inch and a half at a time. I tried to mix only a little bit because I had to work in batches and I didn't want to waste it. You really don't need much. 

I put the glue-y chain on the glasses above the lenses. I used the masking tape to keep the chain in place while the glue catalyzed. All my tape was cut into triangles from a previous project...

I used black chain for under the lenses. 

I added a few round brass studs in the corners. 

I added a bunch of chain at about 5" from the frames (past my ears). The chain has to be heavy enough to keep the frames on your face. The more the better.

That's it! Ignore our messy roof.

chanel chain sunglasses diy
 chanel chain sunglasses diy
chanel chain sunglasses diy
If you wear the chain in front, it doubles as a necklace.

chanel chain sunglasses diy


  1. where do you purchase the chain from dear? <3

  2. Oh I love this. How in the world did you think of this. Looks amazing!!

  3. I so love this!Your DIYs are great,new follower! xoxo

  4. You sunglasses are awesome but you are more than them because you made them awesome....

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