Tuesday, February 8, 2011

∆DIY∆ Givenchy Mummy Wedges

Things you need for this DIY:
*old wedges or platforms you never wear
*scrap fabric (stretchy)
*sewing machine and needle and thread
*hot glue
*metallic pushpins

Total time:
approx. 2 hours

Total cost:
$6 (for the pushpins)

givenchy shoe diy
I have a confession...my name is Ren Ariel Sano, and I am a clothes hoarder. It's true. Me and Rubin are going to move soon and he's made it very clear that it's time to get rid of all the stuff I don't wear. So I have to get my @$$ in gear and turn the things I never wear into new shiny things I wear all the time (tricky, eh?). Plus I like to believe I'm crafty enough to complete all the projects I say I'm going to. It's one thing to be a hoarder who plans on DIYing but it's another thing to be a hoarder that actually does it.

So I've been obsessed with these shoes since I saw them for the first time last year. I think I dreamt of them once.  Like I always say, if you can't buy em DIY em! (terrible)

givenchy shoe diy
I had this dress that had a lining under the skirt that made it a little poofy. I never liked it so I cut it out. It was some cheap polyester blend, nice and stretchy. The matching was just a coincidence.

I cut it into four pieces like so...

Make sure you have enough to wrap around your foot a few times. I hemmed all four sides of all four pieces.

I hot glued the first piece half way around one side of the wedge. (ignore all the bunny hair on my glue gun)

I did the same to the other side with my second piece.

I stuck the push pins all around the glued part of the shoe.

Then, I stitched the two pieces together to ensure they would cover the straps.

I glued the left piece to the top right of the wedge and all the way around to the middle of the heel. Then I did the same with the right piece. I push pinned the whole thing.

I contemplated covering the whole wedge with push pins but I decided against it.

I kept the straps on the shoe so they would stay securely on my feet but made sure to cover them with the fabric. Easy peasy.

givenchy shoe diy
givenchy shoe diy


  1. oh goodness. i will be doing this asap!!


  2. Great idea and so smart to keep the shoes' original straps attached.

  3. they look so cool!! one of the best DIY's I've seen so far! and the wool-optic of the wedges goes really good with it!

    from http://www.elilos.blogspot.com/


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