Sunday, March 13, 2011

∆DIY∆ Chain Tassel Bracelet

Things you need for this DIY:
*a clasp
*jump rings
*bead cap/cord end

Total time:
40 mins

Total cost:
around $10 for materials

diy tassel bracelet
The worst show ever created is Genuine Ken. The contestants are the dumbest, least attractive group of reality TV "stars" that have ever graced the screen. Which is why I love it, it is just such a train wreck. Whitney was wearing a tassel bracelet in one episode and I really liked it. I didn't get a great look but I loved how it moved...and so...

...this bracelet. To make the tassel, make little pieces of chain that are the same length.

Attach them to a jump ring.

Get some epoxy...

...and put a good blob in your cord end.

Then stick in the chain by pushing in the jump ring with a toothpick.

It needed to sit for 20 mins, so I made the rest of the bracelet by attaching the clasp to some chain with jump rings. I used a magnetic clasp which I like for bracelets since you only need one hand to put it on.

When the glue was set I attached the tassel to the bracelet.

diy tassel bracelet
That's it!

diy tassel bracelet
diy tassel bracelet
diy tassel bracelet

Don't have time to ∆DIY∆? Buy it here.


  1. My favorite show is also Genuine Ken. I love the theme song!

  2. I love that wrapped thread bracelet you've got on in the pic with the tassel bracelet. I've been wanting to add some bracelets to my collection this season that add a lot of color, and now I'm thinking I can put some of the multitude of thin wire bracelets I've had sitting around forever in a plastic bag to use to make one.

    Will probably attempt the tassel bracelet as well, but I'm assuming you got the chain from a hardware store? A lot of the chain I've seen for sale in the jewelry section of Joann's look so flimsy and cheap.

  3. The thread bracelet is from Thailand! I bought it for a dollar and have been wearing it for months.

    I wouldn't recommend Joann's. I haven't been to one in awhile but I remember the pickins to be pretty slim. If you don't have a local jewelry supply store, there are hundreds of stores online you can order every kind of chain from that charge by the foot.

  4. Thanks, I'll have to shop around online. We don't really have too much variety in trim and jewelry stores around here. And yeah, Joann's really doesn't do much for me these days in terms of quality.

    And awesome find with the thread bracelet!


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