Thursday, March 24, 2011

∆DIY∆ Studded Bag

Things you need for this DIY:
*a (preferably faux or vintage/second hand) leather bag
*an X-acto knife
*a needle and thread

Total time:
about 45 mins per row

Total cost:
$2.50 + shipping

studded bag diy
So I bought a bunch of spikes online and I saw these red studs on sale. I was feeling impulse buy-y so I bought 200. They were WAY bigger than I thought they would be. I decided to use them to add a bit of color to my boring black bag.

First I cut open the lining.

The good thing about round studs is the usually only have two prongs--which means less work.

If you read this blog you know I never measure. I started from the middle and made a little slit with my knife and stuck one of the prongs through the hole. Then I eyeballed where the other slit should go.

After I bent the prongs down, this is what it looked like underneath.

Now do it 95 more times.

I watched Practical Magic while I did this so it wasn't so bad.

My fingers hurt by the end.

Then sew the lining closed and that's it!

Does this make me punk now?

d bag diy


  1. Great job on the bag! Looks like a lengthy project but worth it because now you have a one of a kind bag.
    I can never get sizing right when buying craft/design supplies online even if they provide specific measurements. My brain gets tricked by the image size and my inability to correctly estimate lengths in cm.

  2. it looks awesome! totally inspiring project... thank you!

  3. woah! this is awesome...mega super awesome!

  4. Hey Ren,

    this is definitely another stunning DIY by you!! Maybe I should consider keeping the black bag I wanted to give to the second hand shop and give it a makover as yours... =)

    cheers to you! Jana

  5. Very, very cool! I'd love for you to submit this to the M&T Spotlight at

  6. @Laurel {Make and Takes} Thanks for the idea!

  7. Love it! We all gotta let our inner punk show...

  8. I would like to be this punk,, even for an older person this is just the end. Really like the red.


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