Saturday, March 5, 2011

Watching» Empire Records

, fI LOVE this movie, but netflix only has the "Special Fan Remix" version and it has all these extra bits that confuse me. Like Rex Manning setting up to put blue cheese dressing on his junk. So awk. It's still wonderfully angsty and full of beautifully narcissistic teenage problems. The crappy netflix playback really gives it that vhs quality. When I was a kid I really couldn't get into AJ. He is such a wet blanket. But I am much more shallow now and I can appreciate what a good looking boy he is. Mark will forever be my favorite.

I am nostalgic for a the 90s teenager I was too young to be.

Photo montage of a photo montage...that's called ART, baby.


  1. ALL TIME favorite movie! watching the extended version is surreal... like, what? that never happened.
    the only plus is that there's more screentime for berko. what a babe.


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