Sunday, March 20, 2011

Where is God in Japan?

I am one of those lucky people whose family in Japan are safe and were physically unaffected by both the earthquake and tsunami, although the emotional toll is devastating. I feel so much grief and helplessness in these times that it is hard to talk about. So I just want to invite all of you who are in the New York area to join me for a benefit party this Thursday. Bring what you can, we all have clothes we've been meaning to get rid of. The party is free, the drinks are cheap and 10% of bar sales go the Japanese Red Cross. Please come and support this cause the best way our lost generation knows how. By dancing.


  1. What a great idea! Though... I'm a little unsure by what you mean with your title.
    I know how you feel and felt the same way about my own family when there were those horrible floods in Pakistan... But it's in times like these when we need to be patient and handle the situation properly, otherwise everyone will freak out and nothing will turn out right.
    We who are living in the safer conditions should always be helping our family and others in other countries, not just at these times, though MOSTLY at these times :-) If you understand what I mean :-)

  2. I must agree with the above comment. Plus 10%? How about %100...


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