Sunday, November 27, 2011

∆DIY∆ Studded Jacket (work in progress)

I don't buy leather new. I will buy vintage leather but I am a vegetarian and so I exercise self control even when there is something I REALLY want. I bought this sweater a few years ago because it had the exact cut as the leather jacket I was aching for but couldn't buy. I felt very sated. I have loved it dearly but it has lost it's shape and has been looking a little sad for quite awhile. 

Enter STUDS!! also spikes.

I am not doing this as a regular DIY because it's such a lengthy process and it is completely FREESTYLE. I do have a few tips though; One, get lots of different sizes and shapes so you have a stud/spike that fits in every nook and cranny. Two, plan a few steps ahead, don't stud yourself into and awkwardly shaped corner. And Three decide whether or not you want the studs to be symmetrical. I realized too late that having the patterns be different on either side of the collar miiiight have been cooler.

That's all I got! I am waiting on 1,000 more pyramid studs from here, which gives my thumbs a much needed break! I will keep you all updated on my progress.

(Sidebar: you may have noticed that the sweater is covered in white and gray fuzzy will find the culprit in the top photo...)


  1. great diy project! will be following!

  2. Seriously impressed - I don't think I have enough patience to finish something like this! Hope it turns out well :D

    xx T
    Le Fanciulle

  3. Looks killer! Cant wait to see it after 1000 more pyramid studs :)

    Heres a little tip i learned in high school, the back end of a safety pin is perfect for folding the points down, and it also conveniently works as a stud remover because its the perfect shape to tuck under the points if you put one in the wrong place.

    Also, theres this company called Novella Royale, its pretty pricey but they use all up-cycled/vintage leather for their jackets and handbags. Pretty frickin' grand!


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