Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas In NY

Yesterday, after a failed attempt to visit the MOMA, I wandered around 5th ave in the freezing cold with my friend Julia Chesky (fashion photographer extraordinaire). First, we went to Tiffany & Co. so I could make the final decision about my wedding band before Rubin and I go buy them this week. (I decided on the plain gold band and let Rubin will know the diamond band will be the perfect one year anniversary gift. It was a tough choice but I love the tradition of having an unbroken band.) Then, we shoved our way through the crowds to do a little shopping and loitering while we killed time before seeing My Week With Marilyn (which everyone should see).

Even though I hate tourists and I hate crowds, I got that Christmassy feeling being near all the holiday window displays and the huge tree in Rockefeller Center and I was reminded how incredible New York City is and how much of everything we have here. I was also reminded that even though the internet is a great place to experience fashion, nothing beats seeing it in person. I spend so much time at my computer I forget that it's all outside my door. I know that not all of you live in NYC or in other fashion/art/culture meccas but I encourage every one of you to go out and see what you can see. Get off your computer and go to a gallery, a play, a boutique. Go have a little adventure! I will be more fun than reading my blog, I'm sure!

All images below were stolen from Julia's blog and are copy written so don't steal them from me or else I won't live to post again!


  1. aww bb, love the solid gold [good choice] and thank you for loving the windows with me :)

  2. You know whats funny? I was in NYC for my first time (even though I live in Syracuse) on December 10th. It was so gorgeous. I'm obsessed with Audrey Hepburn, so spent a good hour just wandering around Tiffany's. We didn't see anything touristy, we just walked around taking pictures of shops we can't afford... yet. >:)


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