Thursday, December 15, 2011

H&M Score

Normally I don't like H&M's accessories but when I popped into one the other day (to my surprise) I found some really great jewelry. Just enough knock off to be totally on trend for the moment yet not blatant. As Julia would say, "These are kinda gooood" (a huge compliment).

These bracelets come as a set. So hot!


I love the shape of these.

These little studs are perfect for second holes or for mixing and matching.

Buy them for your friends and pull off the tags...they'll never know how little you paid.


  1. LOVE the earrings!

    --Jaclyn T
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  2. i love the earring you got and your pictures are amazing.

  3. Eee! I am crushing over each piece. Great picks. I especially love the wrist wear. Calling it a bracelet just sounds wimpy - its so avant garde I love it!!

  4. Fabulous accesories, and those earrings are gorgeous! you're invited to enter my modcloth giveaway dear:


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