Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dear readers,

The other night I logged into my google+ account, which I never use, to make sure my iPhone photos weren't being automatically uploaded like I have been hearing about. I found many albums containing lots of images from my blog. Not wanting the redundancies, I deleted them. I had no idea whatsoever that it would remove every single image from my blog. Over a years worth of work and so much more, gone. So far it looks like there is no way to fix this. I can't even put the devastation into words. I hope those of you who are fans will bare with me as I try my best to recover some of what is gone. I also hope you will still visit my blog if I have to start again from scratch. I'm sorry to every one of you. This f#€%ing blows.


  1. I'm so sorry! But don't worry... I'd never stop reading your blog!!! Good luck!


  2. oh goodness, what a nightmare!
    i hope you find a way to get it back, that would be a true tragedy if not!
    i'm hoping for ya!

  3. i've only recently found your blog. When i saw your blacked photos I actually thought something was wrong on my end. Are most of your photos originals or are many of them work from the internet? If it would mean something to you I could help search for many of your photos while you hope to re-cover others...I consider myself an excellent google searcher... - if thats a word.

    message me if you would like otherwise i wish you the best

  4. i'm still reading!! so sorry that happened. keep up the creativity!

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